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Bosch GDC 140 Marble Saw 115MM

by Bosch
Original price AED. 450.00 - Original price AED. 450.00
Original price
AED. 450.00
AED. 450.00 - AED. 450.00
Current price AED. 450.00

The Bosch GDC 140 Marble Saw is a specialized cutting tool designed specifically for cutting marble and other similar materials. With its compact size and precise cutting capabilities, it is a reliable choice for professionals in the stone and construction industry.

The GDC 140 Marble Saw features a 115mm diamond blade, which is specifically designed for cutting through marble with precision and efficiency. The diamond blade provides clean and accurate cuts, ensuring smooth edges and minimizing the risk of chipping or damaging the material.

This saw is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers ample cutting power for tackling marble and other stone materials. The motor is designed to provide a high rotational speed, enabling quick and efficient cutting.

The compact and ergonomic design of the GDC 140 Marble Saw allows for comfortable handling and maneuverability, making it easy to control during operation. The lightweight construction further enhances user convenience, reducing fatigue and enabling extended periods of use.

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