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Bosch Professional Angle Grinder GWS-2000-180, 2000W, 180MM

by Bosch
Original price AED. 500.00 - Original price AED. 500.00
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AED. 500.00
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The Bosch Professional Angle Grinder GWS-2000-180 is a high-performance tool designed for heavy-duty cutting, grinding, and polishing tasks. With its powerful 2000-watt motor and large 180mm grinding disc, it delivers exceptional performance and durability for professional applications.

This angle grinder is specifically engineered for demanding tasks that require substantial power and productivity. The 2000-watt motor ensures rapid material removal and efficient grinding, making it suitable for working with tough materials such as metal, stone, and concrete.

The GWS-2000-180 features a robust and durable construction to withstand the rigors of professional use. Its reinforced gearing system provides increased torque and longevity, allowing for sustained high-performance operation. The tool's metal gear housing further enhances its durability and protects the internal components from damage.

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