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DEWALT DPG218 Large Rapid Fit Slip-On Glove, L sizeL

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AED. 210.00
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Introducing the DEWALT DPG250 Vibration Reducing Premium Padded Performance Glove in L Size. Designed to provide superior hand protection and comfort, these gloves are perfect for those who work with power tools and machinery.

The DEWALT DPG250 features advanced vibration-dampening technology, which helps reduce the impact of vibrations on your hands. This is particularly beneficial for tasks that involve operating power tools or working with equipment that generates high levels of vibration. With these gloves, you can minimize the risk of hand fatigue and potential long-term injuries caused by prolonged exposure to vibrations.

Comfort is a top priority with the DEWALT DPG250 gloves. They are equipped with premium padding in key areas, such as the palm, knuckles, and fingers, providing additional cushioning and protection against impacts. The padded design helps absorb shocks and enhances overall comfort, allowing you to focus on your work without distractions.

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