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Gorilla Clear Universal Glue 3.75Oz 110ml

by Gorilla
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Gorilla Clear Universal Glue - 3.75 oz (110 ml)

Get the unmatched strength of Gorilla combined with the aesthetic of a clear, non-foaming formula. Gorilla Clear Universal Glue is the perfect adhesive solution when you need a discreet bond without compromising on the bond's tenacity. Its versatility makes it indispensable for a wide range of materials and projects.

Key Features:

  1. Crystal Clear Adhesion: This glue is formulated to dry transparent, ensuring your projects look neat and unblemished.

  2. Multipurpose Use: Adheres to a variety of surfaces like wood, metal, ceramic, leather, rubber, paper, and most plastics, making it your go-to for diverse projects.

  3. Resilient in All Climates: It’s weatherproof, meaning it stands up to both indoor and outdoor applications. Rain, shine, or snow, this glue holds fast.

  4. Quick Bonding: Its fast-acting grip ensures materials stick quickly, saving you time on waiting for it to dry.

  5. Smooth, Non-Foaming Formula: Achieve a consistent bond without the mess of bubbles or expansion.

  6. Maintains Flexibility: After drying, the bond is tough yet flexible, reducing the risk of breakage from impacts or shifts.

Gorilla Clear Universal Glue is the clear choice for those who want a bond that's as strong as it is invisible. Its 3.75 oz packaging is handy for regular use, ensuring you always have the right amount of adhesive for the job. For projects where appearance is just as important as strength, trust in the clear power of Gorilla!

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