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Gorilla Clear Universal Glue 5.75 Oz 170ml

by Gorilla
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Gorilla Clear Universal Glue - 5.75 oz (170 ml)

Achieving a strong bond without leaving a visible trace is a challenge that many adhesives struggle with. However, with Gorilla Clear Universal Glue, you get the reliability and strength of the Gorilla brand in a transparent formula that goes on clear and stays clear. Suitable for a myriad of materials and projects, it's truly a universal solution for all your bonding needs.

Key Features:

  1. Crystal Clear Bond: Dries transparent, making it perfect for crafts, décor, and projects where appearance matters.

  2. Versatile Application: Designed for a multitude of surfaces including wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper, and most plastics.

  3. Weather Resistant: Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications with its waterproof and temperature-resistant properties.

  4. Fast Setting: With a quick grip, this adhesive ensures fast-setting in just minutes.

  5. Non-Foaming Formula: Ensures a smooth application without the expansion or bubbles.

  6. Flexible: Once cured, the bond remains flexible, preventing brittle breakage due to movement or impact.

Whether you're a professional craftsperson or a DIY enthusiast, Gorilla Clear Universal Glue offers a solution that bonds strongly yet discreetly. With its clear finish and superior bonding capability, it's a staple for any toolbox. Experience the clear difference in adhesive technology with Gorilla!

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