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INGCO 115 Pcs Tools Set - HKTHP11151

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INGCO 115 Pcs Tools Set - HKTHP11151: Unveil the ultimate toolkit crafted for every DIY enthusiast and homeowner.


  • Comprehensive Set: A complete collection of 115 tools, meticulously curated to cater to a variety of household tasks and emergency repairs.
  • Impactful Drill: A powerful 680W Impact Drill operates smoothly on 220-240V~50/60Hz with a 13mm key chuck for versatile drilling needs.
  • Essential Hand Tools:
    • 8Oz Claw Hammer: Ideal for inserting or extracting nails.
    • 7-Inch Combination Pliers: Useful for holding, bending, and cutting.
    • 6-Inch Adjustable Wrench: For varying bolt and nut sizes.
    • Screwdrivers: SL5.5x100 & PH1x100 cater to a range of screws.
    • 3M Steel Measuring Tape: Accurate measurements for all your DIY projects.
  • Drill Bits Galore:
    • Wood (4, 5, 6, 8mm)
    • Twist (2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm)
    • Masonry (4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm)
  • Additional Tools:
    • 9mm Snap-off Blade Knife: For precise cuts.
    • 10 Screwdriver Bits: Covers a range of screw types.
    • Magnetic Bit Holder: Ensures your bits are organized and easily accessible.
    • Test Pencil & PVC Insulation Tape: For electrical checks and safety.
  • Fasteners: A set of 40 screws and 40 plastic plugs in varying sizes for diverse applications.
  • Packaging: Securely housed in a robust BMC with a vivid color box, ensuring safety, organization, and easy accessibility.

Bring home the convenience of professional-grade tools and make every DIY task a breeze!

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