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INGCO PVC Insulating Tape Black - HPET1103

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INGCO PVC Insulating Tape Black (HPET1103): Your Reliable Electrical Insulation Solution

Electrical Insulation: When it comes to electrical work, safety is the top priority. The INGCO PVC Insulating Tape in Black is your trusted companion for insulating electrical wires and ensuring a secure, shock-free environment.

📏 Ample Length: With a generous length of 9.15 meters (equivalent to 10 yards), this tape provides you with sufficient material to insulate numerous wires or complete various projects.

🎨 Sleek Black Color: The black color adds a professional touch to your wiring projects. It not only serves as an insulator but also blends seamlessly with the wires and surroundings.

📐 Optimal Width and Thickness: The tape boasts a width of 18mm and a thickness of 0.13mm, striking the perfect balance between ease of application and reliable insulation.

✂️ Easy Application: The PVC tape is easy to cut and apply, allowing for a hassle-free insulation process. Its flexibility ensures a snug fit around wires and cables.

🔌 Versatile Use: Whether you're working on household electrical projects or industrial applications, this insulating tape is up to the task. It provides reliable insulation for a wide range of wiring needs.

Ensure the safety and integrity of your electrical connections with the INGCO PVC Insulating Tape in Black. It's your go-to solution for electrical insulation, no matter the project size or complexity.

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