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Knipex VDE Needle-Nose Combination Pliers with Multi-Component Handle, Chrome Plated - 145mm

by Knipex
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Knipex VDE Needle-Nose Combination Pliers (145mm) - Precision Meets Elegance

Discover the perfect blend of functionality and design with the Knipex 08 26 Series VDE Needle-Nose Combination Pliers. Crafted for intricate installation and repair tasks, these compact yet high-leverage pliers are an essential tool for professionals and hobbyists.

Product Highlights:

  • Designed for Tight Spaces: The pliers' slim head design, combined with pointed jaws, ensures optimal performance even in confined areas, making every task more manageable.

  • Versatile Gripping Groove: A unique feature, the groove in the gripping area, is perfect for extracting small nails, pins, and bolts, enhancing the tool's versatility.

  • Precision Cutting Edges: Equipped to handle both soft and hard wires, the pliers' cutting edges are specially hardened to a robust 61HRC, guaranteeing longevity and consistent performance.

  • Elegant & Durable Construction: Both the pliers and the head are chrome-plated, offering a sleek appearance while ensuring enhanced corrosion resistance. The multi-component handles not only elevate the tool's aesthetics but also provide a comfortable and non-slip grip.

Technical Specifications:

  • Pliers: Chrome Plated
  • Head: Chrome Plated
  • Handles: Multi-Component
  • Cutting Capacity (Medium/Hard Wire): 3mm Ø Diameter
  • Cutting Capacity (Hard Wire): 2mm Ø Diameter
  • Cutting Capacity (Multi-Strand Copper Cable): 8mm Ø Diameter or 16.0mm²

The Knipex 08 26 Series VDE Needle-Nose Combination Pliers are more than just a tool; they represent the pinnacle of German engineering and craftsmanship. Whether you're undertaking a professional project or a DIY task at home, these pliers ensure precision, durability, and efficiency in every grip. Experience the superior quality of Knipex and elevate your toolkit today.

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