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Knipex Wire Ferrules Assortment (Box of 400) 97 99 906

by Knipex
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Knipex 97 99 906 Assortment Boxes: Organized and Efficient Wire Ferrule Storage

Product Overview:

The Knipex 97 99 906 Assortment Boxes offer a practical and efficient solution for storing and dispensing wire ferrules. Designed with convenience in mind, these boxes are stackable, reclosable, and come with a transparent design, allowing users to quickly identify and access the required wire ferrule.

Key Features:

  • Practical Dispenser Box: The box is designed for easy storage, being stackable and reclosable, ensuring that your wire ferrules remain organized and protected.

  • Transparent Design: The clear box allows users to quickly identify the type and quantity of wire ferrules inside, reducing the time spent searching for the right ferrule.

  • Rotating Lid: Features a rotating lid with an opening, enabling users to easily remove individual wire ferrules without having to open the entire box.

  • DIN Colour Code: The wire ferrules are organized and identified by the DIN colour code, ensuring that users can quickly find the right ferrule for their needs.


  • 50 x KNIPEX Wire ferrules white 14 mm (50 x 0,5 mm² / AWG 20)
  • 100 x KNIPEX Wire ferrules grey 14 mm (100 x 0,75 mm² / AWG 18)
  • 100 x KNIPEX Wire ferrules red 14 mm (100 x 1 mm² / AWG 17)
  • 100 x KNIPEX Wire ferrules black 14 mm (100 x 1,5 mm² / AWG 15)
  • 50 x KNIPEX Wire ferrules blue 14 mm (50 x 2,5 mm² / AWG 13)


The Knipex 97 99 906 Assortment Boxes are a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. They offer a systematic and efficient way to store and access wire ferrules, ensuring that your work remains organized and hassle-free. The box's design and features are tailored to provide maximum convenience, making it an essential addition to any toolkit.

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