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Makita ACC Spade Flat Bit 8pcs/set P-52093

by Makita
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Product Description:

Introducing the Makita ACC Flat Bit 8pcs/set P-52093 — an ensemble of precision-crafted flat bits, specially engineered for woodworking aficionados and professionals. Drawing on Makita's long-standing reputation for excellence, this set promises unparalleled performance across a variety of woodworking tasks, whether you're working with hard or soft woods. Spade for Wood

Key Features:

  1. Grooved Head Design: The unique grooved head ensures improved centering, providing consistent and accurate holes every time.

  2. Enhanced Discharge: The smartly designed grooved head also facilitates better wood chip discharge, ensuring smoother drilling operations.

  3. Hexagon Shank: Bid adieu to chuck slippages! The hexagon shank design firmly secures the bit in the chuck, boosting your drilling efficiency and safety.

  4. Versatile Application: From joists and joinery to carpentry and cabinet making, these flat bits are ideal for a myriad of woodworking tasks.

  5. Compatibility with Wood Types: Whether you're drilling through soft pinewood or hard oak, this set has got you covered.

  6. Durable Construction: Made with the typical Makita attention to detail, expect these bits to withstand the test of time and usage.


  • Joists and structural woodwork
  • Detailed joinery projects
  • General carpentry tasks
  • Custom cabinet making
  • Crafting intricate wood designs and more!

Why Choose the Makita ACC Flat Bit 8pcs/set P-52093?

With this set in your toolbox, not only do you get the reliability and durability synonymous with the Makita brand, but you also enjoy precision and efficiency in all your woodworking endeavors.

Dive deep into the world of woodworking with the unmatched performance of Makita!

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