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Makita Diamond Blade Segmented 230mm A-84137

by Makita
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  • Dimensions:

    • Diameter: 230mm
    • Bore Diameter: Standard (specific to the model)
  • Model Number: A-84137

Key Features:

  • Segmented Design: The blade's segmented edge ensures efficient and rapid cuts, especially suited for tasks requiring longer cuts.

  • Diamond-Infused Edge: Premium-quality diamonds embedded in the blade guarantee exceptional cutting performance and extended lifespan.

  • Robust Durability: Crafted for intensive cutting tasks in a variety of materials, ensuring long-lasting durability even under frequent use.

  • Versatile Applications: Optimized to slice through tough materials including concrete, bricks, paving slabs, and more.

  • Cooling Vents: Strategically positioned vents help dissipate heat, ensuring the blade operates at peak efficiency throughout extended cutting tasks.

  • Broad Compatibility: The standardized bore diameter ensures a fit across an array of Makita and other brand cutting equipment.

Overview: The Makita A-84137 Diamond Blade is designed to deliver unparalleled cutting efficiency for your most challenging tasks. The segmented design coupled with high-quality diamonds ensures rapid and accurate cuts. Whether tackling concrete, bricks, or other hard materials, this blade is ready for the challenge. Cooling vents are integrated into the design to keep the blade at optimal temperatures during lengthy cutting sessions. Trust in Makita's legacy of quality and innovation, and experience the excellence of industry-leading tools with the A-84137 Diamond Blade.

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