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Makita Jigsaw Blades 5pcs 76mm B14, A-85662

by Makita
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Product Description:

Achieve unparalleled precision with Makita's Jigsaw Blades B14, A-85662, especially tailored for thin wood, ply, and plastic materials. This pack, comprising five meticulously crafted 76mm blades, stands as a testament to Makita's commitment to superior quality and high-end performance.

Key Features:

  1. Model Specific: Precisely designed as Model Number A-85634, ensuring seamless compatibility and enhanced performance with various jigsaws.

  2. B14 Blade Type: Optimized for cutting thin wood, ply, and plastic, ensuring smooth and efficient cuts without splintering or deformation.

  3. 76mm Blade Length: Provides the perfect balance of reach and control for precision tasks.

  4. Durable Craftsmanship: Made with top-tier materials that promise durability even with regular and intensive use.

  5. Pack of Five: Whether it's an extended project or just to have replacements at hand, this 5-piece set ensures you're always ready.


  • Detailed cuts in thin wood and ply
  • Crafting intricate patterns on plastics
  • Precision woodworking tasks and DIY projects
  • Furnishing and decoration activities

Why Opt for Makita Jigsaw Blades B14, A-85634?

Makita, a globally recognized brand, ensures every product aligns with top-notch standards. This blade set promises clean, precise cuts, especially in thinner materials, making it an indispensable tool for both professionals and hobbyists.

Experience the fusion of precision and efficiency with Makita.

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