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ROTHENBERGER 1000002121 ROMAX COMPACT TT Set – 18V Pipe Pressing Machine with MaxiPro Press Jaws (1/4 – 1 1/8 in.): Efficient and Versatile Pipe Pressing

The ROTHENBERGER 1000002121 ROMAX COMPACT TT Set is an advanced electro-hydraulic pipe pressing machine designed for battery-operated pressing of fittings. With its impressive features and MaxiPro press jaws, this machine delivers efficient and precise results for various pipe installations, making it suitable for domestic, high-volume, and service installations.

Key Features:

  1. Wide Range of Applications: This machine is versatile, capable of handling fittings up to Ø 40mm (plastic/multi-layer) and Ø 35mm (metal) with a piston force of 19kN. It's perfect for a variety of installations.

  2. Enhanced Efficiency: Enjoy up to 41% more pressing cycles and up to 33% more capacity due to enhanced system efficiency, ensuring you get the job done faster.

  3. Cordless Operation: With a rechargeable battery system, this machine offers cordless operation for maximum efficiency and on-site freedom.

  4. Balanced Weight Distribution: Its perfectly balanced weight distribution ensures comfortable and ergonomic operation.

  5. Compact Design: The two-cylinder shape saves space, reducing the machine's length by 15%.

  6. Quick Pressing: Each press cycle takes only 3 seconds, streamlining your workflow.

  7. Metal Fitting Compatibility: The new pressure heart enables pressing of metal fittings up to Ø 35mm.


  • The machine comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Press jaws have a 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Application: Ideal for pressing applications.
  • Piston Force: Offers a piston force ranging from 32kN to 34kN, ensuring a strong and reliable press.
  • Battery System: Powered by a rechargeable battery for convenience.
  • Dimensions (Gross): 390x390x280mm
  • Weight: The machine weighs 21.2kg.

The ROTHENBERGER 1000002121 ROMAX COMPACT TT Set is an essential tool for professionals in the plumbing and pipefitting industry. Whether you're working on domestic installations, high-volume projects, or service installations, this pressing machine provides the efficiency, versatility, and precision you need.

Invest in the ROMAX COMPACT TT Set and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your pipe pressing tasks. Order yours today and elevate your pipefitting capabilities.

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