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ROTHENBERGER 1000002630 ROFUSE SANI 160 Electrofusion Welding Machine (160mm): Precision and Efficiency for Sanitary/Drainage Pipes

The ROTHENBERGER 1000002630 ROFUSE SANI 160 Electrofusion Welding Machine is a powerful and precise tool designed for welding sanitary and drainage pipes with ease and efficiency. With advanced features such as microprocessor control, intuitive software, and visual monitoring, this welding machine ensures reliable and professional results.

Key Features:

  1. Microprocessor Control: The welding unit is microprocessor-controlled, offering automatic temperature and voltage compensation for precise and consistent welding results.

  2. Intuitive Software: The I con-based software simplifies operation, making it intuitive and easy for users of all levels of experience.

  3. Large Illuminated Display: Monitor the welding process with ease using the large illuminated display, providing visual feedback for added convenience.

  4. Robust Housing: The housing is robust and impact-resistant, with an IP 54 rating, ensuring durability even in challenging work environments.

  5. Automatic Parameter Detection: The welding machine automatically detects welding parameters, streamlining the setup process.

  6. Warranty: For added peace of mind, the ROFUSE SANI 160 comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please note that consumable items are not included in the warranty.


  • Application: Ideal for plastic welding applications in sanitary and drainage systems.
  • Working Area (Diameter): Handles pipes with diameters ranging from 40mm to 160mm.
  • Voltage: Designed for use with a 230V power supply.
  • Operating Temperature: Operates in a temperature range from -5°C to 60°C.
  • Mains Frequency: Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz mains frequencies.
  • Output Current: Adjustable output current ranging from 0A to 5A.
  • Dimensions (Gross): 390x390x140mm
  • Weight: The welding machine weighs 4.5kg.

The ROTHENBERGER 1000002630 ROFUSE SANI 160 Electrofusion Welding Machine is a must-have tool for professionals in the plumbing and sanitation industry. Whether you're installing or repairing sanitary and drainage systems, this welding machine provides the precision and reliability needed for quality welds.

Invest in the ROFUSE SANI 160 and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your electrofusion welding tasks. Order yours today and elevate your plastic welding capabilities.

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