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RUBI Mortar Mixer Paddle M-140 R 3H

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Meet the RUBI Mortar Mixer Paddle M-140 R 3H, a cutting-edge tool designed for effortless and efficient mixing. This game-changer is tailored specifically for cementitious mortars, elevating your mixing process to new heights.

The highlight of this mixer paddle is its unique 3-blade propeller head that amplifies mixing efficiency. Compared to a standard 2-blade propeller head, this design boosts performance by 15%. Not only does it yield better results, but it also decreases the power required from your electric mixer, contributing to its longevity.

Working in a bottom-up motion, the head design enables the material to rise at a low speed up the inside of the paddle head and then flow back down the outside. This motion results in a highly viscous homogeneous mix perfect for mortars, cements, and notably, improved cementitious adhesives (type C2) for ceramic tiles. The head design also facilitates less strenuous work and increased mobility for the user.

One of the defining features of the RUBI Mortar Mixer Paddle M-140 R 3H is its M14 x 2 thread connection, making it readily adaptable to all RUBIMIX electric mixers and most other brands. It comes with a substantial mixing capacity of 25-40 kg, a rod's head diameter of 140mm, and a maximum head height of 600mm.

Moreover, this 3-blade head design generates fewer vibrations, enabling a more comfortable and user-friendly experience. With the RUBI Mortar Mixer Paddle M-140 R 3H, you're not just getting a tool; you're investing in increased productivity, reduced effort, and superior mixing results.

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