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RUBI 2037 Tile Spacers 5/16" (8 mm.) 50pcs provide a simple, yet effective way to ensure a consistent gap between tiles. They are a valuable tool for any tiling project, whether it's for walls or floors.

Key Features:

  • High Precision: These tile spacers are manufactured with high precision, ensuring a perfect size and shape for every piece. This results in uniform and precise tile spacing for a professional finish.

  • High Quality: The spacers are made without any rough edges. This ensures they do not scrape or damage your tiles during installation, preserving the aesthetic and integrity of your tilework.

  • Best Possible Finish: When used properly, these Rubi tile spacers can help you achieve a high-quality finish on all your tiling jobs. They ensure each tile is perfectly aligned with its neighbors, creating straight and uniform grout lines.

  • Model: 2037

  • Pack Size: Each pack contains 50 pieces of 5/16" (8mm) tile spacers.

For a flawless finish in your tiling projects, Rubi 2037 Tile Spacers offer an excellent solution. With their precision-made design, they enable you to install tiles with consistent spacing for a clean, professional look.

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