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Total 20V 5Ah Battery pack TFBLI2053

Original price AED. 250.00 - Original price AED. 250.00
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AED. 250.00
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Current price AED. 250.00

Introducing the TFBLI2053 Total 20V 5Ah Battery Pack! This powerful lithium-ion battery pack is specifically designed to provide reliable and long-lasting power for your cordless tools. With a voltage of 20V and an impressive capacity of 5.0Ah, it ensures that your tools have ample energy to handle even the toughest tasks.

Equipped with a convenient LED battery power indicator, this battery pack allows you to easily monitor the remaining charge. The LED indicator provides a clear and accurate display of the battery's power level, ensuring that you are always aware of how much power is left. Say goodbye to unexpected power outages and stay in control of your work with this intuitive feature.

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