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Total 9 Pcs Hand Tools Set - THKTHP90096

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Introducing the Total 9Pcs Hand Tool Set - THKTHP90096, a comprehensive collection of essential tools for your everyday needs. This set provides a range of tools to tackle various tasks, ensuring you have the right tool for the job.

The THKTHP90096 set includes the following hand tools:

  1. Steel Measuring Tape: This 3m (10ft) long measuring tape with a 16mm width allows for accurate measurements in both metric and imperial units.

  2. Adjustable Wrench: The 8" adjustable wrench provides versatility for gripping and turning various sizes of nuts and bolts.

  3. Snap-off Blade Knife: A handy utility knife with a snap-off blade design, allowing you to easily replace the blade when it becomes dull.

  4. Mini Claw Hammer: A compact hammer with a claw design, perfect for light-duty hammering and nail pulling tasks.

  5. Screwdriver Tester: This 190mm screwdriver tester helps you check the presence of electrical current in sockets or wires, ensuring safety during electrical work.

  6. Long Nose Pliers: The 6" long nose pliers with a pointed tip provide precise gripping, bending, and cutting of wires or small objects.

  7. Combination Pliers: The 7" combination pliers offer a versatile tool for gripping, twisting, and cutting various materials.

  8. SL5.5 Slotted Screwdriver: A slotted screwdriver with a 5mm wide blade and 100mm length, ideal for driving or removing slotted screws.

  9. PH1 Phillips Screwdriver: A Phillips screwdriver with a PH1 size, featuring a 5mm wide blade and 100mm length, suitable for Phillips head screws.

The THKTHP90096 set is designed to meet your everyday hand tool needs, whether you're working on DIY projects, repairs, or general maintenance tasks. Each tool is made with quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

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