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Total Automatic Pump Control 10Bar 10A - TWPS102

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Certainly! Here's a detailed product description for the "Total Automatic Pump Control 10Bar 10A - TWPS102":

Total Automatic Pump Control 10Bar 10A - TWPS102

Introducing the epitome of advanced pump control technology. The Total Automatic Pump Control is meticulously engineered to ensure optimal pump performance, safety, and longevity.

Key Specifications:

  1. Rated Voltage: 220-240V, compatible with standard electrical systems.
  2. Frequency Compatibility: 50/60Hz, ensuring smooth operation across varied power sources.
  3. Starting Pressure: Initiates at a low 1.5bar, ensuring efficient pump start-ups.
  4. Max Current: 10A, capable of handling robust pump operations.
  5. Peak Pressure: A high 10bar, suitable for demanding applications.
  6. Pipe Diameter: Standard 1"x1", ensuring compatibility with common plumbing setups.
  7. Protection Degree: IP65 – guarantees protection against dust ingress and water jets from any direction.
  8. Packaging: Comes packed in a vibrant color box, making it an ideal gift or a standout on any retail shelf.


  • Automatic Operation: Ensures the pump operates only when necessary, saving energy and prolonging pump life.
  • Safety First: With its IP65 protection, rest assured against potential water and dust damage.
  • Universal Fit: Designed to seamlessly integrate with most pump systems.


  • Ideal for home water systems, irrigation, and industrial pumps.
  • Perfect for scenarios requiring precise water pressure control.

Upgrade to the Total Automatic Pump Control 10Bar 10A - TWPS102 and experience unparalleled pump efficiency and protection.

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