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Total Combination Spanner Set - THT102286

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The Total Combination Spanner Set with the model number THT102286 is a versatile set of spanners that can be used for various mechanical and DIY applications. Here are the details for the Total Combination Spanner Set - THT102286:

  1. Set Contents: The set includes 8 combination spanners with the following sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm, and 19mm. These sizes cover a wide range of commonly used bolt and nut sizes.

  2. High-Quality Construction: The combination spanners are made from durable materials, typically chrome vanadium steel, which offers excellent strength and durability. The construction ensures that the spanners can withstand heavy-duty use and resist wear and tear.

  3. Combination Design: Each spanner features an open-end design on one side and a ring or box-end design on the other side. This combination design allows for versatile use, enabling you to tackle different types of fasteners with ease.

  4. Metric Sizes: The spanners in this set are metric sizes, which are commonly used in most mechanical and DIY applications. The metric measurements ensure compatibility with a wide range of fasteners and fittings.

  5. Precision Machined: The spanners are precision machined to ensure a proper fit on fasteners, minimizing the risk of slipping or rounding off corners. The accurately sized openings provide a secure grip, allowing for efficient and safe fastening and loosening of bolts and nuts.

  6. Easy Storage: The spanners come in a set that is typically packaged in a storage pouch or case. This makes it convenient to keep the spanners organized and easily accessible, preventing loss or damage.

The Total Combination Spanner Set - THT102286 offers a selection of commonly used sizes, making it suitable for a variety of applications in automotive repair, construction, and general maintenance tasks. The high-quality construction and precision machining ensure reliable performance and longevity. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this spanner set provides the essential tools you need for fastening and loosening nuts and bolts efficiently.

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