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Total Cordless Pressure Washer 20V - TPWLI20084

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Elevate your cleaning game with the powerful TOTAL Li-ion Pressure Washer 20V. Designed for optimal performance and convenience, this pressure washer is engineered to handle the toughest cleaning jobs with ease. Use for car wash, garden and more 

Key Features:

  • High-Efficiency Power: Operating at a robust 20V, it delivers a maximum pressure of 24.8Bar ensuring thorough cleaning each time.

  • Optimal Flow Rate: With a consistent flow rate of 2.2L/min, your cleaning tasks are not only efficient but also time-saving.

  • Auto Stop System: This intelligent feature ensures the washer only operates when necessary, conserving energy and prolonging the life of the machine.

  • Long-Lasting Battery: The package comes with a durable 4.0AH battery ensuring extended cleaning periods without frequent recharges.

  • Rapid Charging: The fast charger included ensures your pressure washer is always ready to go. Compatible with 220-240V~50/60Hz power sources.

  • Versatile Spray Gun: Catering to a variety of cleaning needs, the 6-pattern spray gun allows you to switch between different modes effortlessly.

  • Easy Water Connection: A 6m water inlet hose with a quick connector ensures hassle-free setup. Plus, the self-suction connector allows for diverse water source options.

  • Efficient Foam Production: The 400ml foam producer ensures deep cleaning by producing rich lather, perfect for washing vehicles or deep-cleaning surfaces.

  • Travel Ready: All these features packed into a portable bag. Whether you're on the go or storing it away, this pressure washer is compact and travel-friendly.

  • Stylish Packaging: The color box packaging not only ensures product safety during shipping but also makes for an attractive gift option.

With the TOTAL Li-ion Pressure Washer 20V, you're not just buying a tool; you're investing in a solution. Perfect for homeowners, professionals, or anyone in between – this pressure washer is a testament to efficiency and reliability. car wash machine gan

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