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Total Finishing Sander 350W + 5 Sheets TF1302206

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TOTAL Finishing Sander 350W + 5 Sheets - TF1302206

Presenting the TOTAL Finishing Sander, a perfect blend of power and precision, engineered for those who crave a flawless finish. Ideal for woodworking, furniture crafting, and renovation projects, this tool is a game-changer for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Consistent Power: Powered by a 350W motor at 230V/50Hz, this sander delivers continuous and steady performance, ensuring every surface is sanded to perfection.

  • High-Speed Sanding: With a no-load speed of 11,000 rpm/min, it ensures swift and even sanding, reducing your work time and enhancing the quality of results.

  • Generous Baseboard Size: The sander features a baseboard measuring 220 x 110mm, allowing for a broad contact area. This ensures even pressure distribution and a smoother finish over larger surfaces.

  • Ready to Start Kit: Comes bundled with 5 sanding sheets, ensuring you're well-equipped to start your sanding project as soon as you unbox.

  • Ergonomic Design: Weighing in at 3.5 Kg, its design strikes a balance between sturdiness and ease of maneuverability. The weight distribution and design make it comfortable for prolonged usage, reducing user fatigue.

  • Precision Finishing: Engineered primarily as a finishing sander, it's perfect for those final touches, ensuring every project looks professionally done.

The TOTAL Finishing Sander 350W + 5 Sheets - TF1302206 is not just a tool; it's a promise of perfection. Whether you're prepping a surface for painting, adding the finishing touches to your woodworking project, or smoothing out imperfections, this sander is your trusted companion for a flawless finish.

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