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Total Hole Saw Set 7Pcs - TACSH3071

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The Total Hole Saw Set 7Pcs with the model number TACSH3071 is a comprehensive set of hole saws designed for cutting holes of different sizes. Here are the specifications:

  • Model Number: TACSH3071
  • Sizes: The set includes the following sizes: 26mm, 32mm, 38mm, 45mm, 50mm, 56mm, and 63mm.
  • Height: The hole saws have a height of 50mm.
  • Package: The set comes with a package containing 10 pieces.

This hole saw set provides versatility and convenience for various hole-cutting tasks. The set includes seven different sizes ranging from 26mm to 63mm, allowing you to choose the appropriate hole saw for your specific needs. The hole saws have a height of 50mm, providing sufficient cutting depth.

The package contains a total of 10 pieces, which likely includes the seven hole saws along with additional accessories or spare parts.

When using hole saws, it's important to follow safety guidelines, such as wearing appropriate eye protection and ensuring secure clamping of the saw to the drilling apparatus.

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