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Total Jig Saw 800W + 5 Blades - TS2081006

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AED. 300.00
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The Total Jig Saw 800W + 5 Blades with the model number TS2081006 is a versatile power tool used for making intricate cuts in various materials. Here are the specifications:

  • Power: 800W
  • Included Blades: 5
  • Blade Type: Not specified
  • Power Source: Electric Powered

This jig saw operates at a power of 800W, providing ample cutting power for a range of materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. The package includes five blades, although the specific blade type is not specified in the provided information.

The Total Jig Saw is designed to be powered by electricity, allowing for consistent and reliable operation. It is commonly used in woodworking, crafting, and construction projects that require precise and curved cuts.

Please note that for optimal and safe usage, it's recommended to use the appropriate blade for the specific material and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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