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Total Plastic Tube Welding Tool 1500W - TT328151

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TOTAL Plastic Tube Welding Tool 1500W - TT328151

Discover the finesse of precise tube welding with the TOTAL Plastic Tube Welding Tool. Engineered for professionals and hobbyists alike, this tool offers a nuanced approach to tube welding, ensuring a seamless and strong bond every time. With dual power modes and a range of features, you're equipped to handle welding projects of all scales.

Key Features:

  • Dual Power Modes: Adaptability is at the forefront with two separate power buttons. Opt for the 800W mode for smaller die heads/sockets (20mm, 25mm, & 32mm) and switch to the robust 1500W mode for larger ones (40mm, 50mm, & 63mm).

  • Intuitive Heating Indicators: Never second-guess your tool's temperature. Red light indicators illuminate when the power is on, dimming once the optimal heat level is reached, ensuring perfect welding conditions.

  • Safety First:

    • 🧤 Protective Gear: It's recommended for operators to wear gloves during the welding process, ensuring safety against potential burns.
    • Overheat Prevention: If the machine runs longer than necessary, remember to turn the switch(es) off to avoid excessive heating.
    • Unattended Operation: Never leave the tool running without supervision. This safeguards against potential socket damage and minimizes the risk of fire hazards.
  • Comprehensive Package: Your purchase comes loaded with:

    • 6 pcs Heating sockets, ranging from 20mm to 63mm.
    • A sturdy steel measuring tape for accurate measurements.
    • A specialized PVC pipe cutter for clean and even cuts.
    • Essential tools including a Phillips screwdriver and a hex key.
    • A durable metal carrying case, ensuring your tools remain organized and protected during transit.

The TOTAL Plastic Tube Welding Tool 1500W - TT328151 is your comprehensive solution to immaculate plastic tube welding. With its power versatility, safety features, and a complete set of accessories, it's an investment that promises precision, durability, and peace of mind. Whether you're on a professional job site or a DIY project at home, trust this tool to deliver results that stand the test of time

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