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Total Reciprocating Saw 750W + 2 Blades TS100806

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TOTAL Reciprocating Saw 750W + 2 Blades - TS100806

Meet the TOTAL Reciprocating Saw, a fusion of formidable power and precision, tailor-made for those seeking a robust and versatile cutting solution. Ideal for a myriad of tasks, from construction to demolition and everything in between, this tool promises efficiency and adaptability that both professionals and DIY aficionados will appreciate.

Key Features:

  • Power-Packed Performance: Equipped with a 750W motor operating at 230V/50Hz, this reciprocating saw guarantees steadfast and unyielding cutting prowess across diverse materials.

  • Variable Speed for Versatility: Offering a no-load speed range between 900 to 3,300 rpm/min, you have the liberty to calibrate the speed according to the task, ensuring optimal cuts and enhanced blade life.

  • Impressive Cutting Depth: With the ability to cut up to 115mm in wood and 8mm in steel, this tool stands ready to tackle a variety of projects, ensuring neat and precise cuts every time.

  • Efficient Cutting Stroke: A cutting distance of 20mm ensures each stroke of the blade covers more ground, translating to faster work completion and consistent results.

  • Lightweight and Maneuverable: Weighing in at a mere 2.5 Kg, its design optimizes weight distribution for comfortable handling, reduced user fatigue, and better control during cuts.

  • Ready-to-Use Kit: Comes bundled with 2 blades, so you're primed to kickstart your cutting projects right out of the box.

  • Multifaceted Applications: From pruning trees and cutting PVC pipes to dismantling old wooden fixtures or slicing through metal sheets, this reciprocating saw is your one-stop solution.

The TOTAL Reciprocating Saw 750W + 2 Blades - TS100806 epitomizes cutting-edge engineering and ergonomic design. Be it renovation, construction, or crafting, this tool is your steadfast partner, delivering precision and power in every stroke.

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