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Total Sewage Submersible Pump 750W - TWP87506

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Total Sewage Submersible Pump 750W - TWP87506: Powerful Pumping for Challenging Conditions

Introducing the Total Sewage Submersible Pump 750W - TWP87506, a robust solution designed to handle the rigors of dirty water pumping. Whether you're dealing with flooding, sewage backup, or regular water transfer tasks, this pump ensures efficient and reliable performance.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Motor:

    • Equipped with a 750W (1.0HP) motor, it ensures consistent and powerful pumping.
  2. High Flow Rate:

    • With a maximum flow rate of 217L/min, it can quickly transfer large volumes of water, reducing downtime.
  3. Compact Dimensions:

    • Measuring at 25cm x 20cm x 35cm, it's compact yet powerful, ensuring it fits well in various environments.
  4. Temperature Resilience:

    • Can handle liquids with temperatures up to 45°C, making it versatile for different pumping needs.
  5. Protection Rating:

    • Comes with an IPX8 protection rating, ensuring the pump is well-protected against water ingress.
  6. Efficient Performance:

    • Maximum head of 8m and a maximum suction of 7m ensures it can transfer water across considerable distances.
  7. Versatile Connection:

    • Features a 1" pipe diameter, making it compatible with standard piping systems.
  8. Lightweight Design:

    • Weighing in at just 6kg, it's easy to install, move, and manage.
  9. Specialized Application:

    • Specifically designed for dirty water, ensuring it can handle challenging water conditions without clogging or malfunctioning.

The Total Sewage Submersible Pump 750W - TWP87506 is not just another pump; it's a blend of design, technology, and resilience. Whether you're in a commercial setting, a residential area, or an industrial zone, this pump promises to deliver unparalleled performance. Equip yourself with the TWP87506 and ensure efficient water transfer, even in the toughest conditions.

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