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Total Work Lamp 350L - TWL3606LI

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Total Work Lamp 350L - TWL3606LI: Portable Brightness for Every Task

Introducing the Total Work Lamp 350L - TWL3606LI, a compact and powerful lighting solution tailored for professionals, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you're working in dim environments, outdoors during dusk, or in spaces without direct power access, this rechargeable work lamp ensures you have optimal visibility for precision and safety.

Key Features:

  1. Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery:

    • Equipped with a modern Li-polymer rechargeable battery, it offers long-lasting performance and quick recharging times.
  2. Adjustable Brightness:

    • Choose between two brightness levels to suit your needs:
      • Max: 350 lumens for tasks requiring intense illumination.
      • Low: 170 lumens for general lighting needs.
  3. Extended Runtime:

    • On its high light setting, enjoy up to 4 hours of continuous runtime. For less intensive tasks, the low light setting provides up to 7 hours of illumination.
  4. USB Charging:

    • Comes with a USB charging line, allowing for convenient charging from various power sources, including power banks, laptops, or wall adapters.
  5. Lightweight Design:

    • Weighing in at just 260g, it's easy to carry, set up, and position wherever you need illumination.
  6. Durable Packaging:

    • Packed in a double blister, ensuring the product reaches you in perfect condition and offers protection during storage.

The Total Work Lamp 350L - TWL3606LI is more than just a lighting tool; it's a blend of design, functionality, and portability. With this lamp at your side, you're equipped to tackle tasks in any lighting condition, ensuring accuracy and safety. Illuminate your workspaces with the TWL3606LI and experience the difference of portable and powerful illumination.

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