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Wera VDE Kraftform Screwdriver (SL/PH) Set 6pc

by Wera
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AED. 350.00
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Wera VDE Kraftform Screwdriver Set (SL/PH) 6pc - Optimal Safety and Precision for Electrical Work

Experience the perfect blend of safety and efficiency with the Wera VDE Kraftform Screwdriver Set. Designed specifically for professionals, this 6-piece set offers features tailored for electrical tasks. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Multi-Component Kraftform Handle: Ergonomically designed for rapid, fatigue-free working. This unique handle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for longer work sessions without strain.

  • 1000V Insulated Blades: Prioritize your safety with blades insulated for secure work up to 1000V. Ideal for electricians and technicians, these screwdrivers provide peace of mind when working with live circuits.

  • Hexagonal Anti-Roll Feature: No more chasing after rolling screwdrivers! The hexagonal design ensures your tools stay where you place them, making your workspace more efficient and safe.

  • Black Point Tip: Precision is paramount. The Black Point Tip not only ensures an exact fit with screws but also offers superior corrosion protection, prolonging the life of your tools.

Perfect for both seasoned professionals and DIY enthusiasts, the Wera VDE Kraftform Screwdriver Set is a must-have for those seeking reliability, safety, and unparalleled performance. Add precision and safety to your toolkit today. Screw driver

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